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Azureus 5.1

Azureus 5.1 Free Download

free download

A Straightforward Manner of Downloading Different Kinds of Files

Have a trouble-free downloading experience with Azureus. It is a free program in which users can easily find and download files right away. It uses a Peer to peer method for the data.

Azureus, now called Vuze is an application for data distribution. Since its first launch of the version 1, a lot has changed in a good way. Today, Azureus has a lot to offer to users around the globe. It has almost everything, which is why it is known to have the complete torrent features, compared to other co-torrent programs such as Ares and eMule.

Getting to know the program well

However, these features are really not that heavy in different OS like Windows meaning, they will not interrupt the loading process or slow down your computer. File distribution is now made fast, possible and unproblematic. No issues in speed because you do not adjust with the program but Azureus adjust with available speed.

In Azureus, once you process a file, Azureus automatically optimizes its speed. Not unless you have a really super slow connection. Received files are also effortlessly accessed. You can start viewing or listening to the file you just loaded.

Enjoy your downloading experience with Azureus. Get your work done fast or be able to have fun without hassle by using this program. Its features are up to date and persisting to improve on its features. Clearly, Azureus is only stepping up in the fight for the best downloader in the web. A program that covers almost everything for your downloading needs and wants is a must have.

When looking for a file downloader, considering Azureus is a good choice.


  • Free
  • User friendly
  • Up-to-date interface
  • Various features available
  • Lots of configuration options


  • May slow down present activities
  • Updates are a bit hassle

free download